Tarot is one of the many ancient forms of divination and the precise origin of the ancient cards is not known for certain. It is believed by some that the tarot cards originated in Europe in the 14th century, whilst others believe that early tarot use was as far back as Ancient Egypt or China.

The word tarot is an adaptation of the french word tarocco. There are numerous tarot decks available nowadays, each pack contains 78 cards - 56 minor Arcana cards (Swords/spades, Wands/Batons/Clubs, Cups/Chalice/hearts

and Coins/pentacles/diamonds) plus 22 Major Arcana cards. The most common and well known decks are the Morgan-Greer and the Rider Waite.
A tarot reading can help you to perhaps see things more clearly about a situation in your life, give you prior warning of something that is about to happen and much more.

If you would like a 'reading' send me your name and address, date of birth, state whether you are male or female. I will send you a typed reading covering recent past, what is happening around you at the moment and what is likely to happen within the next six months

Tarot readings £15.00. Cheques payable to Julie Forest, send to PO Box 1723, Fordingbridge, SP6 1SW, England