For those who would prefer a 'ready made' package - these kits come complete with an easy to follow spell, the appropriate coloured candle for the spell, a 5ml bottle of 'Intrinsic Magik Oil' to anoint the candle, a sachet of magickal herbs/plant material to empower the spell, and any crystals, ribbon, pins and extra coloured paper required to complete the spell. Also included is a leaflet on preparing for spell work with advice on days of the week and the moon phases.

Choose from:

  • Healing
  • Money/success
  • Anti-hex/removing negativity
  • Binding (to stop someone harming or influencing you)
  • A wish
  • Love (to attract)
  • Love (to rid yourself of an unwanted lover)
  • Love (to enhance)
  • Protection
  • Self-confidence
  • Bad luck reversal spell
  • Spell to reconcile friendship
  • Fertility spell
  • Weight loss spell
(Individual spell kits for specific requirements can be made to order)

These are high quality powerful individually hand made spell kits and they DO WORK if you follow them correctly.